Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Reunion Schedule Revised

Hi Family! Here we are: It's already Tuesday before the reunion! But I wanted to let you know that this schedule is just one revision and can still be edited. I think some things might have gotten left out in the revision, so if you notice anything missing, tell us because it was probably just an oversight and we want to get it right. We're all about customer satisfaction here. :)

You'll notice a couple of assignments with question marks, so if those people can respond and say whether they accept, that will be helpful. The assignments aren't exactly evenly distributed... sorry. If someone wants to volunteer to M.C. the talent show, that would be awesome. Also, no one has made specific plans for adult musical numbers at Helen's party. (Does someone have the music for "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" that you guys used last time?) Also, as of this evening Carson didn't know which of the Rustand men will be there Saturday morning for basketball, so we may have to be flexible about that.

Mostly just get ready for a good ole' time! I was talking to the Mick, Margaret, Megan, Adam and Laura tonight and there's a lot to be excited about. Let's just enjoy this time we have and realize how lucky we all are to have each other and to be a family!

People arrive and settle in
Dinner-- Taco Salad (Mickey, Margaret, Megan)

7:30 Breakfast Available: Bagels, Fruit, Juice (Drew and Kristen)
9:00 Crossword and Family Trivia Challenge (Mickey)
11:00 Golf for the Fellas (Mickey)
12:30 Lunch for whoever's around: A.W.T. Sandwiches (Drew and Kristen)
4:00 Homerun Derby (Mark)
6:30 Dinner: Cafe Rio (Drew and Kristen)
7:30 Put younger kids to bed
8:00 Nertz Tournament
9:15 Leave to see Inception in Prescott (Liz watching kids)

7:30 Breakfast (Ty and Dana)
8:30 Foster/Rustand Showdown
Planned Leisure Time
11:00 Hike to and family photo at Humpty Dumpty (Megan)
12:30 Lunch (Ty and Dana)
2:00 Ping Pong Tournament (Drew and Kristen)
4:30 Talent Show
6:30 Dinner (Ty and Dana)
Root Beer Float Party w/ Rustands and Boices
Late Evening: More visiting cousins

7:30 Breakfast (Adam and Laura)
10:00 Devotional (Megan)
12:30 Lunch items available (Adam and Laura) everyone make their own
1:30 Answers disclosed to Trivia Challenge (Mickey)
3:00 Patti, Bob and Helen arrive
4:00 Dinner: Lasagna (Margaret and Mickey)
Program and dessert (Kids songs by Liz, Adult Songs to be determined)
7:30ish Mad Gaming Night: Settlers, Mexican Train, Hearts, Blokus, etc.

7:30 Breakfast Available (Jeff and Angie)
9:00 Girls Morning Out w/ Baby Shower for Kristen (Having a girl....congrats!)
12:30 Lunch for whoever's around (Jeff and Angie)
1:30 Rock Climbing
3:00 Leave for 3:30 showing of Toy Story 3
6:30 Dinner: (Jeff and Angie)
7:30 Put kids down
8:00 Family Council (Mickey)

7:30 Breakfast Available (Mark and Liz)
9:00 Classic Match-up
12:30 Adult lunch, kids babysat at Adam and Laura's house
3:00 Drew and Kristen leave
6:30 Dinner (Mark and Liz)

7:30 Breakfast Leftovers
Ty and Dana Leave
9:00 Planned leisure time
12:30 Lunch Leftovers
1:30 Planned leisure time
6:00 Dinner Leftovers

Clean up and head out.


Tyler said...

I have the music to "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" but I'm not sure I reminded Mark to bring his little keyboard for practicing (some of those barbershop lines are dang hard). I guess we will have Angie's perfect pitch and Mark's iPhone.

Also, not a big deal, but we will be leaving early on Wednesday (about 6:00 am) so say your goodbyes on Tuesday night!


Goose said...

We would love to head up the ping-pong tourney. This year it is mine for the taking!!!!

Kristen said...

Angie what music!! I love it. I have already been excited, but this got me pumped up! Everything looks great. I can't think of anything to change. Can't wait to see everyone.

Angie said...

I'm glad you have the music! I'm pretty sure Mark and Liz are bringing the keyboard for the talent show anyway, so bring the music if you can.

Danalin said...

Sweet schedule, Ang! I can't wait. Today the motivation to be productive will return (hopefully) and I will get packed. :)

Dad said...

Angie, terrific job. You are hired for all future reunions as the organizer. Mark stunk it up anyhow!! I'm good with everything you have. The trivia challenge I have will take some time and I have divided up the fam into teams but it may be too much. It is one of those things where I don;t even have all the answers so we will have a consensus on what the correct answers are. (Yeh, I know...good luck with that!!) Anyway, we can do it as a sit down or do it over the 2 days like you have it set up. In any event I have it ready to do as well as the crossword challenge. Teams of three all mixed up. Big time prizes for each winning team

It is great down here guys. Can't wait to have us all together. We'll see you all on Thursday. I'm taking Addie to lunch today. He forgot his wallet as usual!!


Dad said...

This is from Margaret:
Thanks Angie ...everything looks great! Adam and Laura will be providing our lasagna dinner for Grnadma's birthday, plus cake and ice cream! We all have some BRIGHT
yellow t-shirts to wear whenever. Maybe we can plan a family photo for Saturday morning so we are fairly clean. Matt and Wendi and Simon have shirts, too, so we will photo shop them in for a whole family picture and maybe a Christmas card picture (except we will have two more little girls by then!) Can't wait to see everyone!

Meg said...

I will MC!!

Angie said...

Hey guys--
Just wanted to say that Mark really is the ultimate planner and "idea man." He started the tradition of having structured activities in the first place. I'm happy to fill in, but I'd be equally happy to let someone else do it. But I have to plan a reunion for my family next summer so this has been good practice for me.

Unless anyone speaks up otherwise I think I'll just sign Jeff up as the MC for the talent show. ;) He won't mind, right? Tyler, how would you feel about being in charge of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and maybe another adult number for the talent show? Then I think all the families will have a job.

Angie said...

Okay, change of plans. Megan is going to be our charismatic MC. Thanks, Meg!

Mark said...

Looking good. I'm feeling connected to our multi-ethnic roots.
My one suggestion: what if we kicked things off Friday morning with the Mick's Trivia Quiz, and did the Nertz tourney that evening, when the card game juices are more naturally flowing?

Angie said...

That sounds good. I'll edit it into the original post.

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